PHR stands for Personal Health Record. PHRs are basically lists of your personal health information such as medications, previous or current conditions, allergies, etc. A PHR is something that enables individuals to be more active in their health care. Whether you are active and healthy, managing a chronic condition, or caring for an ill loved one, a PHR is a necessary tool you simply cannot afford to be without, and it could save your life! They are a critical part of managing your health care information and taking charge of your wellness.

Personal Health Records vary based on the type of PHR you elect to use. Minimally, a PHR enables an individual to record personal medical history information and keep it organized for when it is needed. Some more elaborate PHRs include the ability to store attachments such as medical images and print selected information or grant medical professionals access to the information. PHRs can be kept on paper, on a computer, on a website, or on a portable device.

International Data Centers LLC provides one of the most reliable, secure PHR's on the market. They enable individuals to track medications and conditions, store medical images, and print pages. A wallet card (Condition Access Card) is also issued to each customer that contains a snap-shot summary of the PHR on the back. International Data Centers LLC enables all of this information to be accessed in an emergency via the Life Number on the front of the card, as that Life Number grants "read only" access of the PHR to emergency responders. "Read only" access means they can view the records, but are not able to make changes.

In President Bush's State of the Union Address (2004), he outlined a goal to make electronic medical records the standard for hospitals and doctors over the next 10 years and he encouraged every American to manage a PHR themselves to help lower the number of medical mistakes, promote wellness and reduce health care costs.

Health care in America is facing many challenges today. One of the biggest is the lack of electronic information that leads to mistakes. In fact according to a report by the Institute of Medicine, more than 440,000 Americans die from medical errors each year. That makes medical mistakes one of the leading causes of preventable death in the United States, topping breast cancer, automobile accidents, and even AIDS. Most doctors in the USA manage their medical records on paper. That means the information is not accessible wherever you may be as it is housed independently by each doctor or care provider you and your family members visit. This makes access to your personal health information difficult, especially in the event of an emergency. Plus, with any written document, handwriting can sometimes be difficult to read and paper records are destructible in a catastrophic event like an earthquake, fire or flood. Imagine how many medical records were lost or destroyed during Hurricane Katrina.

There are several PHR options to choose from when deciding how to manage your personal health information, here are a few:

Paper Records: The person records medical information on paper, or saves copies of medical documents in a file. This method is the least reliable, as the records tend to be unorganized, hard to read and easily lost or damaged.

PC-based files or software: Software is installed on a home computer or people create a file on their personal computer and then enter, update, and manage health information right on their PC. This method is more organized and generally easier to read and manage. The main drawbacks to PC software is that the information is not readily accessible to medical personnel in an emergency and data can be lost due to computer issues like crashes or viruses.

Internet portal or website: The medical profile software resides on the Internet and people access it using a username and password from any computer with an Internet connection. Users control their PHR content and may be able to grant access to others to view the record. The International Data Centers LLC system works like this, storing their customers' PHRs on secure servers behind encrypted firewalls. The user can then designate who they want to view their records with a separate "read only" login number.

Portable Device: Portable devices could include a USB device, smart card, personal organizer, or a mobile phone. The person would upload information to the portable device from their PC and access it as needed. Emergency access could be difficult though and there exists the danger that the portable device is lost, damaged or not present when the information is needed.

Combination systems: A portable device that interfaces with an Internet portal. The online PHR can be downloaded to a portable device for exchanging, storing, or managing health information. This enables the consumer to use the reliability of online servers and the portability of a mobile device, whichever best suits their needs. International Data Centers LLC is developing a system like this, however security of the information and reliability of portable devices are both concerns.

International Data Centers LLC is a leader in providing PHRs, our proven system has helped many get control of their medical records and manage their personal health. The International Data Centers LLC PHR is an easy to use, easy to read consumer system that makes health information management easy for all people. We continue to improve the PHR application to ensure it meets your needs for privacy and security, managing any and all types of personal health information. We let the consumer manage this information in a format that makes sense. It is an excellent tool to help people to become active participants in their own health care and safeguard themselves in the event of an emergency, even if they are unable to communicate.

The use of a PHR is a key in you becoming an active participant in your healthcare and that of your loved ones. A PHR improves the communication of your health issues to your healthcare providers and may be the only communication in the event of an emergency. Making your health records organized and easily accessible can minimize paperwork and insures accurate information will be shared between all of your health care professionals; even reducing or eliminating medical errors and duplicate procedures. Keeping your own PHR is a great way to be sure you have the most complete and updated health information for you and your family available when it is needed. Best of all it will give you peace of mind!
  • Provide current, accurate, and up-to-date information to healthcare providers
  • Provide a wallet emergency card for every family member
  • Provide health information in emergencies even if you cannot communicate
  • Maintain an easy to read and comprehensive medical history
  • Keep a record of all medications and treatments
  • Manage chronic conditions
  • Track and manage immunizations
  • Store medical images tied to any condition
  • Be more prepared when you discuss health information with your different providers
  • Access and update your health information anywhere, anytime
When using the International Data Centers LLC Personal Health Record, you can enter as little or as much information as you choose. The International Data Centers LLC PHR will enable you to store and manage all of the following:

  • Personal identification info
  • Life Documents (Coming Soon)
  • Vision tests (coming soon)
  • Emergency contacts
  • Medications and dosages
  • Store medical images
  • Provider information
  • Immunizations and dates
  • Print individual pages
  • Health insurance information
  • Allergies
  • Record communications with care providers
  • List of current and past conditions
  • Family medical history
  • List supplements and over the counter meds
  • Doctor visits and hospitalizations
  • Test results
  • Preventive and miscellaneous treatments
With maintaining a PHR, you will increase and better the line of communication with you and your doctor. You will have the ability to talk about your personal health information. You can provide updated information he/she may not have such as home test readings, visits to other doctors and medications you may be taking. You can print pages such as your medical history, your medication list, allergies, to conditions you may have. You can take the printed pages with you or use the Condition Access Card so that your provider can use your unique Life Number in their computer to view or print information right from the office.

Your doctor or someone in their office may or may not be able to help you maintain your PHR. If your doctor keeps electronic medical records (EMRs or EHRs), they may be able to provide your full records to you on a disc. One thing is certain, they will keep detailed records on your visits and can provide to you a paper copy of your medical history. Next time you visit your doctor take detailed notes. Write down any information regarding tests, prescribed medications, or any treatments. Once you arrive home or have computer access enter in the information into your PHR!

An up to date PHR will allow you to:
  • Help ensure that health professionals have access to all the necessary information about you at your primary care provider's office, at the pharmacy or even the emergency room
  • Arrive prepared at doctor's visits
  • Reduce paperwork
  • Provide accurate and up-to-date information
  • Coordinate information across multiple providers
  • Improve communications with health care providers
Bring your Condition Access Card or print your records for all of your visits. This can be done easily through your website and if your provider has Internet access give them the Life number located on your Condition Access Card so they can print the information. Regardless of which method you choose, you will be sure to have the most current information with you when you are at the doctors' office.

International Data Centers LLC continues to develop systems with your needs in mind. Check back often for updates!
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