How It Works
A breakthrough that can help save your life: International Data Centers LLC. Our online medical records systems allow you to store your critical personal health records so it's available anytime, anywhere!


With International Data Centers LLC, it's easy to get your electronic health records online so it will be right there when you need it. You'll get your username and password as soon as you enroll so you can get started with International Data Centers LLC right away.

Log into our secure servers, and we'll walk you through some simple questions to set up your profile. Your medications, emergency contacts, pre-existing conditions, allergies, immunizations, family history, physician information, and much more is all stored here!

If you'd like to add your life documents, organ donor information or living will to your International Data Centers LLC account, you can take care of that as well.

Your doctor can help you get your personal health records uploaded, too!

Just click the "MEDICAL RELEASE FORM" link on your member's summary page, download a medical record release form, and give it to your doctor.

The form authorizes the release of your medical records from your doctor to you. Your doctor may charge a processing fee for these records. Once you get the information from your doctor's office you will have everything you need to upload them to your secure International Data Centers LLC personal health record (PHR).

Once that's done, you will know that your complete records are available for you to review in our medical records systems, or for authorized personnel to access in an emergency. With International Data Centers LLC, you're in control of your personal health records.


Your username and password are your keys to accessing your personal health record (PHR) with International Data Centers LLC. With them, you can log into your member home page on our secure servers. It's your virtual doctor's office, and it's open 24 hours a day for your convenience.

From your member home page, you can review and change your member information and personal health record, download medical release forms, or view the records submitted by your doctor.

After visits to your doctor, you'll want to update your information with International Data Centers LLC. Log in, and you can add new medications, conditions or other information to your profile. Download a medical records release form to have new notes, test results or other records sent to you to update your account. You can even upload MRI's and Xrays with our Platinum and Family plans.*

Of course, your information can always be viewed (but not changed) by emergency personnel with the Life Number on your International Data Centers LLC Condition Access Card. Click Here to login to a sample account. What you will see is exactly what Emergency Personnel would see when they login at this site to view your information.

*Image data must be available via digital format from your doctor.


In a study from The Journal Of Patient Safety in 2013 it stated between 210,000 to 440,000 people were dramaticlly effected by medical mistakes some even resulting in death. One and a half million more people are hospitalized annually for making mistakes when taking their medications. International Data Centers LLC can help you know all your medications and dosages as well as help make sure medical personnel have the information they need when they need it most. In an emergency, International Data Centers LLC can turn any doctor into your doctor because your International Data Centers LLC Condition Access Card allows emergency personnel to instantly and securely access your personal health information online.

Your card displays the International Data Centers LLC Web site address and your Life Number for healthcare providers, allowing them to instantly access our medical records systems online and view your medical profile. A sample card is shown below:

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