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International Data Centers LLC is dedicated to creating a better medical experience for its members by providing them with an efficient, reliable medical storage system. Through the use of an online medical storage system, members are assured faster and more accurate treatment in emergency situations through access to vital medical information. In addition, International Data Centers LLC helps members take control of their medical history by providing convenient, easy-to-use online access to their personal medical records.

The International Data Centers LLC service also supports President Bush's initiative for increasing accessibility of online medical records storage systems. Specifically, the nation has set a goal of getting the majority of Americans to have computerized medical records in 10 years so that each American can realize the benefits of a "Medical Internet" where citizens can access their own health care information.

International Data Centers LLC is a leading electronic medical records management company that provides consumers with Internet databases that house individual medical files and critical patient care information. As a result of its work for hospitals, doctors' offices, and other health facilities, International Data Centers LLC has developed a proven track record in maintaining patient confidentiality and privacy through secure technology and meticulous operational procedures.

International Data Centers LLC is on the cutting edge of technology, using its medical storage system to provide emergency medical information online via an Online Medical Profile for 911 responders including Emergency Medical Technicians. At International Data Centers LLC, we house your personal health record (PHR) securely online in our database located at intldatacenters.com. Online medical storage systems are the wave of the future; they ensure emergency personnel instant access to medical records, allowing them to immediately provide the correct care and assistance.

The first response crews (EMT, paramedics) that arrive in an emergency will now have online access to your PHR (personal health record) so they can begin providing help in the critical time. As any EMT responding to an alarm will tell you, the more information they have, the better. Mistakes due to misdiagnosis, drug interaction, and drug allergies could potentially be life threatening. Having the correct information can be the difference between making a critical mistake and saving a life!

Now thanks to our online medical database, you can secure your personal electronic medical record online. Your medications, special conditions, allergies, blood type, and even your emergency contact are all available to the 911 responders who need them, giving you the security and knowledge that you have a better chance in an emergency medical situation.

International Data Centers LLC has taken every precaution to ensure that customer information is secure, remains confidential, and that individual privacy is respected. Only members or the physicians and emergency responders they provide with access codes can view the International Data Center LLC's database.
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